I'm Maddy

And I'm so happy you're here. I'm a 24 year old wedding & lifestyle photographer based out of Southern Arizona, Tucson to be exact. I thrive off of capturing beautiful, intimate moments here in the gorgeous southwest Sonoran desert.

To be completely honest, I never thought photography would fall in my lap. I've always been someone who struggled deeply to find something that I was so passionate about, but once I found this I couldn't see myself doing anything else. Every day, every session, I'm learning something new about my self and about the art I want to create. I want you to feel my passion too, and I want my work to show that. I want my photos to make you feel reminded of something; a memory, someone, somewhere.

A few things about me,

When I'm not taking your pictures, you can find me with my sweet boyfriend Zak. I'm a lover of sushi and smoothies, traveling when possible, a good movie and movie theaters in general, and anything Free People. My favorite color is yellow, coffee is better iced, and I've got the worlds biggest sweet tooth (brownies and ice cream are my weakness).

I watch the Harry Potter series at least 3 times a year (and yes I'll cry every time), my ultimate playlist consists of any and all mo-town oldies, paramore, and the killers. My favorite season is fall, and I'm a libra through and through.

Your turn! Tell me a little bit about you.